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Clearance Lucky Scavbox now featuring THE BRICK

Clearance Lucky Scavbox now featuring THE BRICK



$30 for a chance at nearly ANYTHING available- and not available online, including our most expensive items.


A chance at anything available in the store, including the Finest items of the Junkbox, Bags (PDFs excluded, obviously, that'd be stupid), and tidbits of all sorts.


$5 Price-hike is compensating for an overall jump in Cost of goods you have the potential of grabbing at an excellent price!


The Small Collection will be two random small or Medium-sized items (usually a Hat and Jacket combo), at the price of the original scavbox!


THE BRICK is an even more cost-effective option, with an absolute guarantee of getting your money's worth despite the bigger pricetag, Shipping is the same as the normal scavbox despite definitely being heavier.


as always, you can add a note of preferred sizing and compensation will be attempted to get something that fits!


Scavs Rule the world!


(usual Mid-sized item shipping applies, many boxes may weigh more than what the pricing is intended for, this helps balance out the costs in the case smaller items are rolled)

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