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Spanish '80s BDU Set

Spanish '80s BDU Set

Sturdy Spanish Army BDU set, a few well-sized pockets. Excellent condition for their age, as the Spanish didn't seem to get much use out of their army in that time period.


The Chest and Cargo Pockets have Velcro and folds over the top similar 'Roll-top' bacgs, while the back pocket uses two Buttons.

  • Material

    50% Wool / 50% Polyester, Water-Resistant Coating (potentially).

  • Camoflage Pattern/Color

    Olive Green

  • Storage Capacity


    Chest Pockets: 5x7x0.75 [Inches] (12x17x1.9 [Centimeters]) x2


    Cargo Pockets: 7x9x0.75 [Inches] (17x22x1.9 [Centimeters]) x2

    Back Pocket: 6x6.5x1 [Inches] (15x16x2.5 [Centimeters])


$50.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
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