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Romanian 2 Piece mess kit

Romanian 2 Piece mess kit

In the typical style of mess kit based upon German M1931 of 1931,  Odiesian Supply brings the Romanian take on eating on the go! With a sturdy design and kidney shaped profile, this cooler-than-NATO mess kit is an essential step in making mealtime in the field more aesthetic (and fun). It separates into two pieces, with the lid doubling as a plate and means of serving up mealtime offerings, and the body perfect for cooking or storage. The carry handle allows for the body to be hung directly over a fire, in classic german style ingenuity. For a great price, the Romanian Mess kit offers an efficient means of carrying an efficient and multi-layered set of tools that will provide a twice as aesthetically pleasing meal.

THis was completely Ripped from sorry Misty 

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