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British DPM Rucksack (#2 (WORN) QUALITY)

British DPM Rucksack (#2 (WORN) QUALITY)

Extremely Spacious, well-used Rucksacks of the British Military, excellent for Backpacking Trips or Innawoods excursions, however WILL have small issues due to past-use; a majority of issues can be solved with a new set of Buckles and a Sewing Kit (or Just Duct Tape), however some may have minor or missing Zipper parts, they are nonetheless usable ton carry plenty of gear on your excursions.


Has a, cushioning, and large, removable packs on the side of the Ruck, along with a Cinching Top of the main sack, some have lightweight Aluminum Frame still installed, and will be shipped with no extra potential cost if applicable.

  • Camoflage Pattern/Color

    Woodland DPM (Faded & Blemished)

  • Storage Capacity


$45.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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