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ALICE Belt Bundle

ALICE Belt Bundle

a fully-prepared bundle to get a Cheap headstart in the World of Belt Rigs, Comes with:


ALICE Medkit container

ALICE Triple M4 Mag Pouch

Woodland SAW Pouch (Smaller Pictured)

Woodland Sustainment Pouch (Larger)


Additional Bundles include with LC1 Suspenders, and with an Additional Item Bundle of:


USGI Camoflage Field Dressing (x2)

West German .30 Caliber Rifle Cleaning Kit (may be incomplete set if full kits are sold out)

USGI 2 Liter Canteen


Note: all Belts are Designed for a Waist of around 30 Inches, they may need to be adjusted or may not fit if you are Heavyset.

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